Order Faqs

Faqs – Frequently Asked Questions

Please read all frequently asked question before placing wholesale order!



  • Minimum Order ₹ 10,000
  • Damage: No refund, only replacement 
  • Weight Per Box: 15-18 kg each
  • Delivery Time: 5-7 days (Except North East Region)
  • Packing & Shipping are excluded

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to order?

You can place order through our wholesale business website. Order Now

You can simply select products as per your requirements then you can place wholesale order. One of our team member will contact you, once order is confirmed.

MOQ: 5pcs

Minimum Order Value ₹ 10,000, Packing & Shipping extra

Product color option will not be provided – only assorted, for color requairment,

Atleast MOQ 50pcs.

If some product designs are not available in stock then our team will contact you for confirmation whether we can provide alternative products or will ask for some time for making the product available in stock otherwise we will deduct the amount for that product.

2. Shipping, Packaging & Delivery?

We deliver products through the logistic company (Safexpress & Local supplier transports). *Depends upon order value or order quantity.

We can only estimate the shipping charges until product boxes get weighted by the logistic company.

Approx Estimate

For minimum order 10,000

Shipping charges will depend upon two things 1. weight and 2. packing boxes.

Modes of delivery

  1. Safexpress/Delhivery
  2. Local Transport: atlest 30 boxes order (Less charges per box)

We can provide part truck or full truck load for large orders,

Charges: For Part Truck Load

Per Box  (Depend upon on location)

Charges: For Full Truck Load

We can provide you best market rates for full truck load. 

Regular Packing:

INR 120/Box (Box weight – 15-17 kg/Box)

Custom Packing: 

As per order requirment (Thermacol, Bubble Wrap, Papper cutting, Logo etc.)

We pack items in boxes with dry grass inside to provide extra security.

Yes, we always try to make packing more secure.

Once order is confirmed after payment, we dispatch items to the logistic partner company next day.

It might take around 5-7 days for pan India except east and some other regions).

3. Payments, Refund, Return?

You can pay through various online payment modes and you can find your answers regarding refund and return below.

Current Account:

A/C No. : 50200061256141
Bank: HDFC Bank
IFSC: HDFC0000738
Branch: NH 91, NH Plaza, Khurja – 203131, U.P. India

Yes, you can cancel your order and get the full amount refunded but before we pack and dispatched the products.

We would not be able to cancel the order after dispatch to the logistics partner company.

We are a wholesaler and we do not have enough margin to provide a 100% return policy. These are ceramic products so you might consider 5-10% breakage in delivery in some condition. (General Terms).

If parcel boxes have more than 10% damaged products then we will provide 50% replacement worth of those products in your next order.

As a wholesaler it’s hard to provide refunds for the damaged products. However we always try to compensate for the breakage in terms of replacement in your next order (50% worth of damage products).

If products get damaged in delivery then we will provide 50% worth of products for damaged ones in your next order. (No refund, only replacement).

If you find some missing product then you can contact us on +91-92584-33383. Our team will confirm the missing products then we will refund the amount for missing pieces.

Export Faqs

Frequently asked questions regarding export fulfilment orders

1. Requirments

  • Importer with license: You will have to need a license to import from India and clear customs with certificated documents (Bill of Lading, Invoice, etc) that we provided after we ship cargo to your country.
  • Importer without license: You will have to find a professional customs broker in your country before you import from India, who can clean customs for you with certificated documents (Bill of Lading, Invoice, etc) that we provided after we ship cargo to your country.

2. Process

  • Send Quotations – Send us product photos and quantity/value that you want to import from India through our online portal – KHURJA CERAMIC
  • We will provide compitive price quote for required product/s. (Order)
  • You need to confirm the price.
  • We will provide Proforma Invoice
  • Confirm your shipping method.
  • We will confirm the shipping rate with you. (rate vary depending on different shipping methods).
  • We will make an Invoice (as per terms) for you to transfer payment to us.
  • We will start ordering, producing, collecting, inspection and shipping.

3. Cost & Charges

Your total cost for importing from India (Shipping By Sea):

  • Products payment: the total value of products that you import.
  • Inland charge: from our warehouse to loading port in India
  • Shipping charge: from India port to discharge port.
  • Customs Clearance: paid by you in your country.
  • Import Duty: paid by you in your country.

3. Private label or customized products

WhatsApp or Email us three necessary details for Private label or customized products.

  1. Product description.
  2. Product photo.
  3. Order quantity.

4. Shipping method

1. Ocean Shipping: 
Charged by CBM, Please confirm with us if you can clear customs after LCL or FCL arrives at your country seaport. The shipping charge will be relatively low.
NOTE: If yes, confirm with us your city name and CBM, so we could quote you an accurate shipping charge.
2. Air Shipping:
Charged by KG. Please confirm with us your address, postcode, consignee name, cellphone, total package, package dimension, total kgs.
NOTE: You could either choose to clean customs by yourself when goods arrive at the airport or let us clean customs for you, the charge will vary depending on different choices.

5. Shipping Cost

There are 2 charges for shipping from India to your country, one is inland charge, the other is the shipping charge.
1. Inland charge:
Charge from Khurja city to ICD, and ICD to shipping port
For example, when we collect all cargo in our warehouse facility in Khurja, then we send cargo to the nearest ICD, ICD to shipping port
To sum up, the loading seaport will be confirmed according to cargo location.
2. Shipping charge is based on:
Product details, CBM, Weight, Carton box
Consignee contact information: Full address, mobile, and consignee name.
Please WhatsApp or Email us the above key information, then we are able to quote you an accurate shipping charge.