Dotted Round Khurja Pottery Ceramic Indoor Pots

SKU: KC1388
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Size: 4h x 7d Inches
  • Price per 1 piece
  • H Hight, D – Diameter


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Introducing our Dotted Round Khurja Pottery Ceramic Indoor Pots, designed to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your indoor space. Each pot is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans using traditional Khurja pottery techniques.

Dotted Round Khurja Pottery Ceramic Indoor Pots

The charming dotted round design of these ceramic pots adds a playful and whimsical touch to any room. The delicate dots are carefully applied by hand, showcasing the artistry and attention to detail that goes into each piece.

Crafted from high-quality Khurja ceramics, these indoor pots provide a beautiful and durable home for your beloved plants. The ceramic material helps regulate moisture levels, promoting healthy plant growth and creating an optimal environment for their well-being.

The versatile size of these pots makes them suitable for a variety of indoor plants, from small succulents to medium-sized houseplants. Arrange them on shelves, tabletops, or windowsills to create eye-catching displays that bring life and color to your interior.

Transform your indoor space with the Dotted Round Khurja Pottery Ceramic Indoor Pots. Embrace the whimsical charm and expert craftsmanship of Khurja pottery, and let your plants thrive in a stylish and inviting environment.