Khurja Pottery Chokor TableTop Ceramic Planter Pots

SKU: KC3168
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Size: 3.5h x 4d – inches
  • Price per 1 piece
  • H Hight, D – Diameter


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Introducing our Khurja Pottery Chokor TableTop Ceramic Planter Pots, where timeless beauty meets modern aesthetics. These pots are carefully handcrafted by skilled artisans, showcasing the intricate chokor design that adds a touch of rustic elegance to your indoor spaces.

Khurja Pottery Chokor TableTop Ceramic Planter Pots

Key Features:

  1. Chokor design: The pots feature the classic chokor pattern, a traditional geometric design that is widely appreciated for its intricate details. Each pot is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring that every chokor motif is beautifully rendered, adding a unique and eye-catching element to your home decor.
  2. Khurja pottery craftsmanship: Our pots are made using the age-old techniques of Khurja pottery, known for its rich heritage and exquisite craftsmanship. The skilled artisans bring their expertise to create these masterpieces, reflecting the cultural significance and artistic excellence of Khurja ceramics.
  3. Versatile tabletop decor: These Chokor TableTop Ceramic Planter Pots are perfectly sized for tabletops, shelves, or any small spaces in your home or office. They are ideal for showcasing your favorite plants, succulents, or small flowers, creating a refreshing and inviting ambiance.
  4. Durable and high-quality: Crafted from premium-quality ceramic materials, these pots are built to last. The sturdy construction ensures their durability, allowing you to enjoy their beauty for years to come. The ceramic material provides insulation for your plants, helping them thrive in a conducive environment.
  5. Rustic charm: The chokor design and earthy tones of these pots exude a rustic charm, adding warmth and character to your indoor spaces. Whether placed in your living room, bedroom, or office, they effortlessly blend with various decor styles, from traditional to contemporary, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere.
  6. Thoughtful gift choice: These Chokor TableTop Ceramic Planter Pots make a thoughtful and memorable gift for housewarmings, birthdays, or any special occasion. Share the beauty of Khurja pottery and rustic elegance with your loved ones, allowing them to enhance their own spaces with these exquisite pots.

Embrace the rustic charm of our Khurja Pottery Chokor TableTop Ceramic Planter Pots and infuse your indoor spaces with a touch of cultural heritage and artistic excellence. Explore the beauty of the chokor design and create a captivating display of nature’s beauty.

Transform your home into a haven of elegance and charm. Shop now and experience the timeless allure of Khurja pottery, where tradition meets contemporary design, and let these Chokor TableTop Ceramic Planter Pots become cherished pieces in your home decor.