Khurja Pottery Handmade Wholesale Ceramic Cups

SKU: DP4368
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Capacity: 200ml
  • Price per 1pc


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Introduce the authentic artistry of Khurja Pottery with the Handmade Wholesale Ceramic Cups from DPAARA. Ideal for businesses looking to enrich their merchandise with high-quality, traditionally crafted drinkware, these cups offer a unique aesthetic drawn from centuries-old pottery techniques.

Khurja Pottery Handmade Wholesale Ceramic Cups

Authentic Khurja Craftsmanship Each of these ceramic cups is handcrafted in Khurja, a city famed for its rich pottery heritage. Artisans employ age-old techniques to mold, paint, and glaze each piece, ensuring that no two cups are exactly alike. This commitment to traditional craftsmanship brings a piece of Indian heritage to your business, perfect for customers who value cultural authenticity and artisanal quality.

Designed for Wholesale Success DPAARA’s wholesale program is tailored to meet the needs of retailers and hospitality businesses. We offer these unique ceramic cups at competitive wholesale prices, allowing you to maintain robust margins while providing your customers with exceptional products that stand out in the market.

Versatile and Stylish These Khurja pottery cups come in a variety of designs, colors, and finishes, each adding its own unique flair. Whether for a coffee shop, boutique, or home décor store, these cups fit seamlessly into any setting, enhancing the aesthetic and drawing in customers who appreciate fine craftsmanship.

Durable and Practical Despite their artisanal origins, these cups are designed for everyday use. They are robust enough for daily service in a busy café or as a cherished item in a customer’s home. All cups are microwave safe and dishwasher safe, blending traditional beauty with modern convenience.

Eco-Friendly and Safe In keeping with DPAARA’s commitment to sustainability, these ceramic cups are produced using eco-friendly methods. Materials are locally sourced and non-toxic, and all production practices are designed to minimize environmental impact, ensuring products that are safe for consumers and the planet.

Ideal for Businesses and Bulk Buyers

  • Cultural Appeal: Offer products with a story of traditional Indian pottery.
  • Competitive Wholesale Benefits: Enjoy favorable pricing and quality assurance.
  • Eco-Conscious Products: Attract eco-aware customers with sustainably made goods.

Place Your Wholesale Order Today Enhance your product lineup with the authentic and artisanal Khurja Pottery Handmade Wholesale Ceramic Cups from DPAARA. Contact us for detailed wholesale terms and start captivating your customers with exceptional drinkware that tells a story. Order now to bring traditional Indian craftsmanship to your shelves!